Deep Blue is at the Monaco Yacht Show

You are welcome to visit us and our stand during the Monaco Yacht Show.

Stand location: Quai Rainier III – stand No. Q R8 (next to Lursen Yacht “Areti”)

In The Spot – ORC Worlds Trieste 2017

Deep Blue Soft, Leader in Yacht & Boat management software, and always behind challenging projects and team performance, 
has been very proud to sponsor and accompany the Racing Team of NUBE at the World Championship (sailing boat Class B) which took place in Trieste in July 2017.
Our Deep Blue / Nube Team which has leaded the Class for 2 weeks of rough fight against 30 other Crew, has finally crossed the finish line 4th.
We are very proud of their performance and thank all of them for these 2 weeks of excitement and joy.
« Thank you so much Guys ! » Benoit Faure CEO Deep Blue Soft Ltd

DeepBlue Software

Deep Blue Software is a revolutionary and easy to use Yacht Management Software designed to facilitate the important administrative workload of Captains and Crew, but also Yacht management companies and Yacht Owners.

Deep Blue is made of 23 modules especially designed to cover each Yacht operation: from financial accounting to Crew and Yacht documentation, engine room maintenance, log book, Charter activities or working shifts arrangement and MLC compliance.

Deep Blue Yacht accounts are hosted on dedicated secured server, accessible 24/7 from any computer, Ipad or mobile phone.

Today, over 75 yachts and 6 yacht management companies have already installed Deep Blue to daily manage their vessels and Fleet.

DeepBlue Pro

Complete solution for Motor & Sailing Yachts
18 modules included

more …

DeepBlue Fleet

Solution for Yacht Management Companies with possibility to activate a non limited numbers of Yacht accounts

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DeepBlue Custom

Specific tailored version for other Yacht operators and companies specialized in yacht pay rolls and other yacht activities

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Module accessible to the entire crew, where each one can enter its personal data and certificates with validity dates (if any), and attach the scanned copies of all documents.

  • Name
  • ID / Passport
  • Employment Agreement
  • Professional Certificates
  • Medical Certificates
  • Complete Medical Examination Reports
  • Emergency Contact Details
  • Bank Details
  • Curriculum Vitae and Reference Letters
  • Security Familiarisation

The database is automatically available to Captain and Manager, whether located ashore or on board. This module interacts with other modules such as “Calendar”, allowing each individual user and Managers to receive automatic alerts when the validity periods of licenses, medical certificates, visas, and other documents are about to expire.

A simple color code indication tracks the validity dates of all documents

  • Green Validity period more than one month from expiration.
  • Orange Validity period less than one month from expiration.
  • Red Validity period with less than one week remaining or already expired.

Captain and Managers can also access “crew / document listing” in just two clicks and immediately view the document list for all crew members, so as to be able to see which documents have reached their expiration date, and which one are about to be expired.
This database is also connected to the “crew list” module to automatically generate Crew lists under IMO format (see the description of the crew list module).

Each individual crew member can only access his own profile (and no others) by using a personal login / password. Crew details and the database are also visible to Captain and Managers.

Each crew member is responsible for entering and up-dating his personal data in the system, including professional certificates or bank details for payment of wages. This ensures that the data is accurate and properly up-dated. It also allows to see the complete crew profile even before he starts working on board.

In the interests of practicality, when a new crew member is recruited, the captain just has to create a Crew Account for the new crew member by clicking on » Add new crew «, defining a log-in and password. The new crew member can then log into Deep Blue from any computer in order to enter all his personal data before arriving on board.

Crew Lists

The crew database completed by each individual crew member is available to Captain and Managers, they can edit an accurate crew list under IMO format before departure of the Yacht.

These documents can be generated in various formats, such as PDF and Excel, and can be sent by email with just two clicks.

The crew list document generated by Deep Blue interacts with the crew module and the yacht module so that the required information can be selected, including:

ID or passport number and validity, date of birth, owner’s company, IMO number, ON number, MMSI call-sign, and yacht logo.

The crew lists are therefore available for Captain and Managers in real time, with the possibility of generating a new list or accessing all previous crew lists generated in the past, 1 or 2 years ago, in case of port state control.

NB: Crew lists can be printed and signed by the Captain, scanned and attached in Deep Blue system for good records.


With restricted access, this module contains all the legally required information for guests coming on board.

Guest data are recorded in Deep Blue system by Captain or Management (or Chief hostess if authorized by Captain), and include scanned copies of guests’ passports with validity, and other documents that might be useful during a cruise (such as jet-ski permits and diving certificates).

Preference lists can also be defined for each Guest in order to facilitate the preparation of charters, making easier the welcoming of repeat Guests on board.

A simple colour code tracks the validity dates of guests’ documents

  • Green Validity period more than one or three months from expiry
  • Orange Validity period less than one or three months from expiry
  • Red Validity period with less than one week remaining or expired

Guest Lists

Database includes all the guest information recorded in the “Guests” module such as : name, address, nationality, scans of passport, visa validity. This database can be called at any moment, both on shore and on board, in order to prepare the Guest List under IMO format before the vessel departs.

A guest list may be generated in various formats, such as PDF and Excel, and can be sent by email with just two clicks. This database facilitates all the customs formalities and other checks for returning customers.

N.B.: This database is only accessible to management and the captain unless the captain customizes access rights so that it is made available to another crew member (for instance, the chief hostess).


Each month, Deep Blue automatically edits a pay roll for the entire Crew members. Captain can edit payrolls, for instance, by granting bonuses to the Crew.

This document can be sent to any paying office or bank manager for proper payment of each individual crew salaries.


Accounting module allows users to close all accounts for a pre-defined period.

Captain and/or Manager can prepare in 2 clicks a financial statement showing all operating costs of the yacht for any defined period. The financial report extracted from Beep Blue can be edited in PDF or Excel, before being sent to the Owner Representative.

Financial Reports are presented in a very clear and professional format with a Yacht or Management Company logo ahead, showing all detailed costs. All level of details can be edited from Deep Blue depending on requests from the Owner representative.

Financial Reports can be edited weekly, monthly, or quarterly, as desired.

Deep Blue allows users to present precise, professional reports, and to provide owners’ representatives with analytical accounting.

General Overview

These reports present accounts (income and expenses) by main categories, for instance work and maintenance, crew expenses, equipment, travel expenses, subscriptions, and any other category created by the users with no details except for the total for each category.


These reports present accounts (income and expenses) by main categories with detailed sub-categories, for example « crew » (main category) + « crew salaries » / « crew training » / « crew food allowance » (sub-categories).


These reports present accounts (income and expenses) by main categories with detailed sub-categories, and name of suppliers (in blue color).

In addition, the financial reporting module also allows expenses to be extracted:

  • by payment method (cash, cheque, credit card, or bank transfers)
  • by date of payment  (enter selected dates)
  • by supplier  (filter expenses by supplier)

Yacht Operating Budget

It can be verified at any time whether the expenses of the vessel are in line with the operating Yacht Budget approved by the owner and/or management, at beginning of each season.

Begining of the year, Captain / Manager will enter the Yacht detailed budget going into the » Monthly Budget « section.

Going into » Yearly Budget « Deep Blue will present in a form, all monthly detailed expenses (by categories and sub categories) compared with Budgeted expenses. Captain and Manager will be able to verify that real expenses correspond to budgeted expenses.

This check can be made on a monthly basis and on a yearly basis (last colomn of the table). This table can be edited in Pdf and Excel format.

Access to Accounting Modules

Access to the accounting or financial report modules in “view” mode (user can only view) may be granted to the owner or its representative or to the management company, which can connect to the server to view all accounts for the yacht in real time, and at any moment.

The accounting and financial report modules are extremely simple to use, and will save precious hours of work for all those involved (whether crew members or Managers), who are traditionally buried under a mountain of administrative work when it comes to following the yacht’s accounts.

Monthly financial reports can now be sent to the management / Owner on time, even during the peak season, without stress and with far greater accuracy. Quality of the reports presented will be finally seen as professional documents and highly apreciated by Yacht Owners to understand how much his Yacht costs on a monthly or yearly basis.

Finally, all acounting of the Yacht will be saved years after years, making researh of past expenses very easy.

2nd Financial Reporting

» 2nd Financial reporting « module, associated with the 2nd Account module, works exacly the same way as the « Financial Report » of the main Yacht account.


Inventory of the Yacht for technical spare parts as well as all equipment and decoration items, up to silverware and Chinaware. Each user will have a dedicated section: Chef Stewardess, Chef Cook, Chef Engineer, others…


All other items, from cars to appartments…

Calendar & Scheduler


This module has been designed for chief engineers and second-in-commands to follow the daily, monthly, and yearly maintenance of all mechanical and electrical parts, including main engines, motors, gensets, pumps, filters, compressors, valves, and life-rafts.

All elements and parts subject to maintenance based on the number of hours of use or dates, for which a maintenance programme has been established can be monitored, using the software.

Chief engineers can fully customize presentation of the information in the software, and also have the opportunity to create new categories and associated sub-categories as they wish, and to define the proper maintenance programme for each item.

This database is available at any time, both ashore and on-board, and can be used by the calendar module, which allows chief engineers to receive automatic alerts when a validity period expires or is about to expire, or when a technical visit must be organized.


Designed to allow Chief engineers to build custom and follow all counters, which can be assigned to Items and sub Items, to follow fuel tanks positions or running parameters.

Maintenance jobs, linked to Logbook counters, are automatically presented in the Maintenance module in an easy to read agenda, which can be customized.

The Log book indicates the last “entries” to remind chief engineers when the last log was made.


Going to “running parameters” section, Chief Engineer can define all Tanks (Oil, Fuel, Fresh water, black waters, ballast tanks etc..) he can also define the systems on which he wants to keep track of parameters like, consumptions, temperatures, voltage etc…

Spare Parts


All sets of regulatory documents that are essential for the proper conduct of a charter are available and saved in the Deep Blue database.

  • Charter contracts (scanned copy) (generated by the Charter module)
  • Guest List (automatically generated by the Guest List module)
  • Crew List (automatically generated by the Crew List module)
  • Yacht Documents (automatically generated by the Yacht module)
  • APA / Advance Payment Allowance (automatically generated by the Charter module)
  • Copy of the bank transfer for charter payment (generated by the Accounting module).

The captain can edit and print all these elements at any time in the event of Customs, Coast Guard or Port State Controls. Management can also take care of all administrative operations for Port Clearance remotely, thanks to the permanent access to all documents on the servers.

A specific charter booking timetable is also available in the calendar module, which allows the entire crew, in addition to the owner and management, to know the vessel’s diary availability for charter accurately and at all times.


Section dedicated to storage of all technical drawings and documents of the vessel. All general arrangement plans, Electrical and Piping plans, and other technical documents will be archived in digital format and will be available and exportable in order to facilitate the maintenance of the Vessel.

Documents will be available in PDF and DRG format.


Deep Blue has been introduced to the market in June 2013. The idea of developing a dedicated yacht management software was born in 2011. It was introduced to Deep Blue by a group of experienced merchant navy captains, Chief engineers and Yacht Managers who were disillusioned with the various products already on the market.

As a result of their input, Deep Blue Studio designed a new generation software capable of covering 100% of the operational needs of yachts, with the primary aim of relieving the heavy daily administrative workload of crew members and especially captains, both during and after the season.

Second objective was to give the possibility to Management Company to access all the Yacht’s Info in real time, making the Software a real communication tool between the Yacht and the Management, allowing both to edit all required reports and documents in a professional way whether on board the Yacht or off board.

Deep Blue Studio created a pool of beta testers and contributors, consisting of experienced captains, first officers, chief engineers, yacht managers and owners’ representatives (including financial managers). The software was designed by professional yacht operators, with a KIS approach (“Keep It Simple”) to easily and quickly access all contents 24/7 over the Internet, a user-friendly interface and specific modules designed to be used on daily basis by the entire crew, and not only by the captain or chief engineer.

In fact, Deep Blue has also been designed for deckhands, chefs, and chief hostesses in their specific tasks. It also needed to be easily accessible by managers and owners’ representatives, wherever they might be located.

Server Solutions

Deep Blue runs on secured servers hosted at a professional ISP, accessible 24/7 from any computer (PC or Mac), mobile device or tablet. The selected ISP also provides hosting services for Banks and online payment platforms. Naturally, data confidentiality on Deep Blue’s servers has been given the highest priority, with back ups every hour and dedicated guaranteed up & down bandwidth.

Because the software does not need to be installed on users’ computers, it is completely bug-free. All crew members, managers and owners (or their representatives) can access the Yacht Deep Blue account at any moment, from any location through any Internet browser.

An additional server called Deep Blue Sync can easily be installed on board, allowing yachts to host a local Deep Blue version on a Mac Mini. All Crew members will have access to the Yacht Data even when the Yacht is not under internet coverage. This Local server synchronizes with the Master server ashore as soon as the yacht is able to re-establish an internet connection.

NB: Deep Blue Master server can also be hosted at a client’s office, if required.

Yacht Management Software Market

Yacht management software currently seen on the market do not cover all the requirements of yacht operators. Users – be they crewmembers or yacht managers – are obliged to have a number of different software programs in order to operate and manage a single yacht.

These first generation software have become very unfriendly, hard to understand without lengthy training, and difficult for crew members or yacht managers to use on a daily basis, knowing that access to the software is usually limited to few persons and few pre-set computers.

Initially developed ten or fifteen years ago for industrial applications or stock management, they have not been specially designed for Yacht operators. Their main focus being “engine maintenance”, “stock management” of spare parts, or accounting, whereas the daily management of yachts suggests that management software should also be designed to fully cover all the other departments, including: Crew and Guests documents and lists, Yacht documents and certificates, onboard working & rest rules (MLC), accounting and financial reports, engine maintenance & log book, inventory, technical drawings, charter activities, yacht and crew calendars, contacts and suppliers, and many more.

Why DeepBlue?

Nowadays, Clients looking for yacht management software are searching a simple solution with a user-friendly interface, designed with such kind of new technology, which allows an easy day-to-day usage, from any possible device: PC; Mac, Ipad, smart phone.

This is why Deep Blue was developed, as any modern application should be, using new web technologies and with an intuitive user-friendly interface. Most importantly, it was designed by yachting professionals for yacht operators.

Knowledge & Experience

Deep Blue was developed with a help of experienced Merchant Navy and Yacht captains, crewmembers (first officers, chief engineers), yacht Managers, financial officers and owner representatives.

KIS – “Keep it Simple”

Intuitive and user-friendly interface.
Works as any modern application should, using new internet technologies.

Comprehensive solutions for Yacht Management

Deep Blue offers applications covering all the issues related to the Yacht and different server solutions can be proposed. The software can be customized according to the client needs.

Unlimited amount of simultaneous users

Corporate users can assign a non-limited number of users (Managers, Crewmembers, Owner representatives, accountants, …).

Access from any device from anywhere

From any PC or MAC, mobile phone and tablet, and compatible with all Internet browsers, with permanent access 24/24 – 7/7

Security & Support

Hosting is made on Secured servers located at a professional ISP with daily back-ups, guaranteed bandwidth up & down stream.
Technical support can be accessed through Deep Blue Software, by email to the development Studio or calling the office 7/7.


What other say about DeepBlue Software


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  • Online food safety certificates no longer accepted February 16, 2016 - Under the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC), any Food Safety certificate from an online course is no longer accepted by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA).As of August 2015, the MCA only accepts Food Safety certificates from practical courses. Any online courses must be followed by a practical assessment. Think to update your certificates in Deep Blue Crew Module. Read more:
  • The role of the Superyacht captain … February 8, 2016 - The role of the Superyacht captain has changed significantly as new rules and regulations have been placed upon the industry; there is much more of an emphasis on paperwork in order to conform to new laws and requirements. « In my opinion, we are so focused on keeping paperwork in order and dedicate far less time to what we should actually be focusing on: exercising more mariner skills, checking things on board and service, » - said Captain Mannie Avenia, …
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  • New Year with New Deep Blue Version 2.3.0! January 7, 2016 - Deep Blue Soft team is excited to announce the release of the latest version of Deep Blue Yacht Management Software. New Deep Blue V 2.3.0 offers numerous enhancements and new features, presents modules in still more professional way, meanwhile keeping intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Our Clients

Since 2013 Deep Blue Soft has been chosen by more than 75 Motor and Sailing Yachts, based in different countries as well as 7 Yacht Management Companies and family offices. Besides, more than 100 Yachts and Management Companies are actually testing Deep Blue soft on Tests servers.

Each client having its own specificities, demands for custom developments and custom settings can be addressed. We also offer services to upload already existing database when necessary.

Deep Blue client base mostly counts super-yachts with average size of 40 meters, but we also have 20m motor & sailing boats and also count 70m and 80m Yachts.

Deep Blue also collaborates with Shipyards for new built Yachts in Holland and Italy, where Deep Blue is integrated during the construction and where Crew and Shipyard can access the Yacht account to built the Inventory data base and Maintenance program as well as the Technical documentation data base.

Among our Clients already managed with Deep Blue:

  • M/Y Madame Kate 60m – Amels
    (Winner of the Monaco Yacht Show Interior Design Award 2015)
  • M/Y 360°, 48 m, Isa
  • M/Y Sweet Doll, 43m, Heessen
  • M/Y Acala, 31,1 m, Cantiere delle Marche
  • M/Y Mimtee, 60m, CRN
  • M/Y Rola, 47,5 m, Isa
  • M/Y Project 135, 78m under construction, CRN
  • M/Y Nimbus – 40m under construction – Moonen
  • M/Y Black Legend – Sunseeker
  • M/Y Equus – 42m Benetti
  • And many more…

Among our Sail Yacht clients:

  • S/Y Mikhail S. Vorontsov – 64,5,
    (Turkish custom built 3 masts schooner, Dream Ship Victory)
  • S/Y Creole, 63 m, Camper & Nicholsons
  • S/Y Tenacious, 34,8 m, Trident
  • S/Y Shenandoha 55m

Management company clients:

Client testimonials:

From: Capt Daniel Sola / MY Madame Kate, 60m Amels

“Using Deep Blue for 2 years now including during the construction of the Yacht, I have been able to appreciate different aspect of this yacht management software.
The first thing to catch my interest was the fact that, for once, we could have one unique software to cover all needs of our yacht. Crew, Maintenance, accounting, Inventory, yacht documents, MLC.
The software allows to compute daily accounting and automatically issue financial reports, follow the validity of the yacht’s documents and crew certificates, edit guest and crew lists under IMO format, support us in complying with the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC), allow our chief engineer to follow engine maintenance and log books and even organize our charter bookings and compute complex charter accounting.
Server and data Security, is obviously treated as a priority, calling Deep Blue studio I’ve been able to reset my Server as it was 2 days before after we entered by mistake some incorrect information. Having chosen to also have a local Deep Blue Server on board, I can also connect to our Deep Blue Yacht account when we are without internet connection. This is very appreciable also when all guests are on board and when no more internet bandwidth is left for Crew members…
I also appreciated the simplicity of the software interface and the fact that we can connect to our yacht server from any devices including our mobile phones, whether on board or when working from home. It is difficult nowadays to find a user-friendly software which the entire crew can use without following a long training process.
Finally, the team behind Deep Blue is very responsive; the software evolves every month with new applications. We can see that they are well advised by professional seamen, which makes Deep Blue logical and efficient.
I would recommend this software to any captain willing to spend less time behind his desk, but also willing top be assisted by a professional software for every thing which has become extremely complex on board large Yachts now days.”

About Us

Deep Blue Soft Ltd is a Software development company with more than 30 years experience in the field of complex B2B software and CRM for major international companies.

In 2013 Deep Blue Soft Ltd released its first version of a new generation Yacht Management Software, designed by Yachting industry professionals for Yacht operators.

Deep Blue Soft Ltd is a Maltese company with its commercial and representation offices located south of France (Sophia Antipolis). The development studio is located in Slovenia (Ljubljana) with over twenty developers and senior project managers.