March 2018

The current technology, in each industry gives us key to be more and more efficient, and for sure to save time. According to a scientific study, we are able to work 31 times faster.

In other words, we have the possibility to produce more, to do more tasks in one day, to add value in our activities. Even more, we can connect people and services in one click, the technology creates then new responsibilities.

Digitalization has a worldwide impact on people. Besides, we are changing habits, because society offers us new possibilities. Thus, we have to take advantage of it to be better than before. In fact, Research & Development Laboratories will not go further if they were no vantages.

As regards the luxury trends in new technology, we can take the Superyachts example. In this industry, everything is possible to answer to client’s needs. Tenders & Toys are becoming incredible innovations from simple to specific technology developed.

Therefore, why investing in a $17 916 Seabob F5 SR? To make fun for sure! But also to live incredible experiences with new technology.

Alternatively, what do you think about investing in a yacht management software? Less funny, not sure. Reducing costs you will be able to drive a thousand Seabobs.

Using a simplified and detailed solution instead of wasting time in paperworks, that is a real solution. 5 hours in notebooks against 2 hours a computer, and 3 hours saved for onboard workload responsability.

Yacht Management Software like Deep Blue Soft increase safety and professionalism.

As a user says, the software offers only one interface to control the entire vessel.

«I can manage directly all critical maintenance and procedures. Additionally through the modules I monitor Yacht detailed budgets and daily accountings. I stay alerted of any important issues. It clearly saves valuable time and paperwork which it wouldn’t be possible to operate without Deep Blue. Managing such a Yacht with 18 crew members, it made us work in a much more professional way.»