DEEP Blue Soft is always behind challenging projects and team performance

Participating to worlds championship is a way for Deep Blue Soft to show it’s international motivation toward yachting. Team Building, challenge and tenacity has always been essentials points for the company to exist.

Having the chance, in its own team to have sailing yacht champions, Deep Blue Soft could participate to a dedicated contest. In this environment, as the racing team, as the firm can collaborate to manage such an event.

Thus, the company has been very proud to sponsor and accompany the Nube Racing Team at the World Championship. Which tooks place in North Italy, Porto San Rocco, Trieste, in July 2017. Nube Team was part of the sailing boats Class B with others 49 entries from all over the world.

The Offshore Racing Congress (ORC) organized the championship with the Porto San Rocco Marina in order to welcome in 2017, more than 110 competitors from 19 different countries. They are divided in three classes : A, B and C depending on their lenght, ranked from large to small.

17 years after, the ORC continues to develop the courses, this time they diffused the race in Live Streaming on the event website. During the race, the audience was able to see the positions and movements of the boats. The racers want to sponsor more and more their boats even if they are part of Class C. And, on the other part, the organization try to increase the diffusion in a digital way, like the current generation is expecting. We hope such event could be popularized.

After two weeks of excitement and joy, leading the class all along, the Nube Team expected results. They has finally crossed the line at the 4th rank, after 7 races. Which is a great performance, and they will do better next time!

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