DEEP Blue Soft is developing a module for yachts under ISM requirements

At this time, we move under development, several custom module, in full electronic ISM for large vessels and Management Companies. Our studio is working continuously to improve, facilitate and organize yachting management. DEEP Blue Soft keeps collaborating with yachting professional to understand the operative needs and adapts solutions.

DEEP Blue Soft Team will adapt ISM module to Full ISM compliant Yachts as well as Yachts willing to implement a voluntary ISM.

International Safety Management (ISM) Code:

Authorities enter the ISM Code into force to ensure people’s safety, ship’s safety and cargo (more recently for Superyachts), as well as environment’s safety.

To brought it into action, the ISM Code inculcate safety culture and procedures at sea. Moreover, at all levels of seafarers which work on ships.

In order to understand ISM, it is important to know definitions of a few important terms which determine the whole structure of IMO’s ISM code.

Please refer to: IMO’s ISM Code

The main objective at DEEP Blue Soft is to provide our Clients a professional software. As a result, made to facilitate the implementation and organization of  Yachts’ ISM procedures onboard. So that  reduces drastically the administrative load, which can be highly time consuming for Officers.

Besides, DEEP Blue Soft ISM module is also designed to organize a clear and professional communication between the Yacht and the Company/DPA. Identifying the differences between the outlined responsibilities and the actions, to resolve issues, if any occurs.

We will continue to provide to managers, captain and crew the best yacht management solution that combines technology and knowledge. In accordance with the growing requirements that applies to the yachting and shipping industries.

DEEP Blue is collaborating for more than two years with ISM-SMS specialists, and the release of the ISM module is scheduled for early April 2018.

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