How doing maintenance with DEEP Blue has played a role during the survey?

“We are using DEEP Blue management software for more than 3 years now. I must say that it has greatly participated to optimise our organisation on board, in many aspects and especially for what concerns the yacht maintenance program.

In April 2018, we had to go through the 10 years inspection with the Lloyds, a survey that requires great preparation.

After 3 days survey we’ve been complimented by the inspector for the quality of the maintenance done in the last years but also by the quality of the maintenance history. We were able to edit in PDF reports and and present to the surveyors from our Management Software, DEEP Blue.

For all maintenance done on engines, generators, shafts & propellers, stabilisers, critical equipment and general state of tanks, DEEP Blue allowed us to present in one click all maintenance history with pictures, supplier’s reports, invoices, logs… presented in a very professional way.

3 Days inspection with almost no remarks and no need for 2nd visit. This quick renewal of the Yacht Class Certificate was a great time and money optimisation and made both owner representatives and crew very happy.

Modern Superyachts are highly technical and regulated, requiring a lot of legal documentation & maintenance. This along with crew management, which has increasingly become more difficult due to safety regulation changes, has made integrated software vital and importantly, made captains able to operate their vessels.

Thank you DEEP Blue !”

Captain Thierry ROUXM/Y Lady Nag Nag

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