We find the right aspect to answer to a Chief-Engineer user-friendly task

Thinking about Chief Engineers jobs on-board, learning after clients requests, Deep Blue Soft studio took a new path for a new version.

After quite a few month of development, examining the subject from all angles. We find the right aspect to answer to a Chief-Engineer user-friendly task.

As a result, this week we have released the new Deep Blue Version V3.1.096.

This version corrects several display bugs and introduces a major upgrade for the Maintenance Module. Indeed, we integrated a new module «Equipment List».

Deep Blue Soft now counts 14 modules on-board in order to complete the essential needs.

An Equipment list is a listing of all tagged equipment with reference numbers and service description. Here, the added value is the link with Maintenance tasks and Technical documentation.

In Version 3.1.096 the new module Equipment List allows Chief Engineers to fill-in, detailed forms. Therefore, it is available for all Equipment on-board,  and will serve especially for « Critical » equipment.

In Equipment List module, you will be able to edit equipment details like: brand, serial number, year, etc… as well as editing for one selected equipment:

  • Show all maintenance linked to this equipment
  • Show all spare parts linked to this equipment
  • Show all documents linked to this equipment

The new version also introduces a 4th level in the Maintenance structure, so that you will now be able to structure your Engine Room in Deep Blue Soft as follow:

  1. AREA = Engine Room
  2. GROUP = Engine Port
  3. ITEM = Fuel System
  4. SUB-ITEM =  Fuel Filters…

Our objective remains to make your works easy and organized, saving time for your responsabilities on-board.

We will keep you informed of our last upgrades. If you have any request don’t hesitate to contact us, our User Manuals will help you using it.

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