Latest Amels 188 VOLPINI 2 Superyacht was launched this month at Amels Shipyard.


Volpini 2 is a 57.7m and 970 GT on which DEEP Blue Management software was installed at early stage during construction.

Amels once again teamed up with designer Tim Heywood for the exterior of the project who styled the new Amels 188 with a familiar swoosh of his pen while also adding several new styling touches that makes the yacht instantly recognisable.

Together with Amels, SYM Superyacht Management oversaw the construction as owner’s representatives who also sold the project in September 2017.

The Yacht will be delivered with all Maintenance program already implemented as well as the entire data base of Yacht technical documentation, Yacht certificates, Crew documentation, Spare parts listing and Inventory.

The boat is amazing and the work being carried out by the team in exceptional, we couldn’t be happier.
Any small issues are dealt with smoothly and without fuss – a real pleasure to work with such professionals.

Ben YOUNGManaging Director at SYM Superyacht Management

The support of a professional Maintenance software in the first weeks represents a great added value for the Captain, the Officers and the Crew members. Especially when the yacht needs to immediately jump into the season. DEEP Blue will allow crew members to be more focused on their jobs while cruising on this superb yacht with the guests on board.

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