New features to meet the operational complexities of Megayachts management


The latest DEEP Blue V3.1.099 software version provides 24/7 access to every aspect of today’s increasingly complex yacht operations management.

New features in DEEP Blue to meet the operational complexities of Megayachts management.

From Finance and Reporting, to Planned Maintenance, Human Resources, Documents, Contacts and Admin tools, each module includes various sub-modules and now introduces full Electronic ISM, as well as a new Inventory & Spare Parts module redesigned for >90m yachts – all presented in one unique software package with a modern interface. Managers, captains and crew members can track all alarms and keep track of essential data via an intuitive Dashboard accessible from any device, (PC, Mac, mobile, etc.).

DEEP Blue software is my go-to onboard tool for day-to-day management of the vessel. It is well presented, intuitive and self-explanatory. I have support from my technical office ashore with a live and transparent share of information. Accounts are well presented with very useful built-in tools for exchange rates, money transfers and reporting. Certification management has done away with the many spreadsheets we used to have on board, with certificates received in the office ashore scanned and uploaded onto the sever ahead of receiving the hard copies by post.

Captain John Brining - M/Y Andromeda

DEEP Blue is a modern system looking ahead and constantly evolving to support modern, technically advanced superyachts.”

Available in 2 packages (Pro or Fleet), DEEP Blue is designed expressly with non-IT specialists in mind. The user-friendly interface can be accessed by unlimited simultaneous users from any device, either on-line via secure dedicated servers with encrypted databases or off-line through a local onboard server.

With straightforward installing procedures, DEEP Blue provides a professional framework for following the many regulations and obligations to increase security and provide total transparency, while also adding value to the owner’s asset.

Fraction of Deep Blue Dash Board

DEEP Blue ISM structure can be customised for an entire fleet, or on a yacht-by-yacht basis. Based on the yacht’s Safety Management System (SMS), the structure for Procedure Forms and Drill Check Lists can be defined. The latest published procedures from the DPA (Designated Person Ashore) can be easily found and organised in a clean structure, with clickable Pdf’s that can be edited, electronically signed and saved in history.

DPAs can revise the procedure documents and request officers’ acknowledgements. Selected officers can activate SMS Reports from pre-formatted lists, where the work flows and validation processes have been encoded. Electronic signatures protected by ID, passwords and 4-digit codes allow for quick and efficient treatment of the ISM according to Flag rule standards and avoiding the unnecessary printing of forms.

From logs and electronic signatures, DPAs and captains can stay aware of the various procedures and reports activated and the ongoing status of procedures, piloting the ISM from a dedicated Dashboard where all actions from users are clearly indicated.

Having all the players working off the same information in real time, whilst cutting out endless emails, is vital in yachting today.

DEEP Blue has drastically improved the functionality of its imbedded PMS system for yachts >90m yachts, especially in relation to Spare Parts, Inventory & Equipment lists. Megayachts can now benefit from a sophisticated “store check” system to build inventories using a mobile phone or iPad, and photos can be automatically uploaded into the system. Through definitions of “minimum quantities”, chief engineers, for instance, can edit in a couple of clicks a purchase order for spare parts below minimum quantities