The new features provides a complete management software that perfectly adapts to all Yachts

In preparation of the latest V3.11 version, DEEP Blue soft team decided to teamed up with Ian Hornsby of Techman/Hubware, one of the most experienced specialists in Mega Yacht planned maintenance systems and yacht documentation.
The new features in DEEP Blue provides a complete Planned Maintenance Systems, Human Resources managements, and Financial Reporting that perfectly adapts to all Yachts especially to the complex yachts that are >100m.
Regarding the Dash Board, the Modules and Applications have been re-designed in logical groups (Apps being imbedded in Modules).

A new info-box is displayed to present the Apps with an option to customize the preferred ones for quick access.

Some new buttons and tabs have been added to improve the Accounting field on the Financial Module. Now users can:

  • Duplicate any expense or income and budgets year from year
  • Prevent un-intentional reload of the page when selecting date range of accounting
  • Load all pending invoices, quotes and pending “credits notes” without forgetting older Pending entries.
  • Load the pending incomes and credit notes.
  • Have access to the currently monthly and yearly remaining budget available for the category of expense and sub-category of expenses.

Moreover, an option has been included to lock the accounting for all the crew members, allowing the entries and edition only to the Management level.

On the Human Resources Module, all printouts generated through “Export Pdf/ Xls” can now show the dates and titles. The crew on rotation will be able to post a request of leave on the calendar allowing the Captain/ Officers/Purser to validate it through DEEP Blue. In addition, a proper leave summary will be displayed by clicking on any crew member of the list.

The improvements on the ISM Module will help optimize the reports as now a crew of the same position will be able to edit or continue a report started by other crew member. The Incident Report can show if a person is injured and DPA acknowledgement in workflow, and the Incident & NCR Obs Report includes a guidance for users.

The new upgrades on the Planned Maintenance System (PMS) module enables automatic and manual requisitions entries that are going to be later available to be selected and be included on the purchase orders.

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