The new release complies with the ongoing mission to deliver an updated software that integrates seamlessly with all the onboard duties

As part of the ongoing mission to deliver an updated software that integrates seamlessly with all the onboard duties, DEEP Blue Studio presents the latest V.3.12 Version.

For this new release, the DEEP Blue Finance structure enables new filters on the Reporting section that shows all the pending invoices and quotes.

Moreover, the new features on the Human Resources field allow the users to:

  • Obtain a new extended Export XLS showing all the fields in an improved template, extracting in detail 100% of the information available from the Payrolls
  • Choose between two different Payrolls calculation systems for the “Daily Salary Rate”
    • 30 days average per month x 12 months
    • 365 days / year (monthly salary x 12 months / 365 days)
  • Select special “Leave Days” that will be identified as “ Travel Days” and which are going to be considered as “Working Days not onboard”

On the Maintenance section of the PMS module, a new button has been added to allow Chief Engineers choose specific “Maintenance Tasks” that need to be duplicated in other Groups, Items and Sub Items.

On the Spare Parts/Inventory section, a field has been added to calculate how many times each spare part has been used in the past allowing a better future plan of the Spare Parts Stocks.

Regarding the Charter module, presentations of the info boxes in Charter Report has been modified. Also, on the APA section, the type heading shows a dropdown list.

The improvements on the ISM Module includes:

  • A new version of the Masters Annual review of Safety Management Systems
  • Workflow on all reports – combine signed by DPA + Close is now one single step
  • Modified Master’s Annual Review Report to permit the DPA to add an attachment after the workflow is completed with last step “Acknowledged by DPA”.

The new upgrades on the Sync module improved the Sync status, dividing the workflow in: Preparing, Starting and In Progress. Also the status is auto refreshed in module every 5 seconds.

In addition, on the Dashboard module, an “ Owner Approval Requested” box and an “Inventory Expiry & Spare Parts Expiry Dates” info box had been added.