DEEP Blue team flight to Doha to train the crew of Amiri Yachts, the biggest private yacht fleet in the world.

In May, DEEP Blue team flight to Doha to train the crew of Amiri Yachts, the biggest private yacht fleet in the world.

Amaris Yachts manage more than 15 yachts that size from 30 to 124m, such as Daloob (71m), Constellation (80m), Um Alhoul (71m) and Maracunda (53m).

During the training days, the crew members were introduced and guided throughout DEEP Blue main modules: CORE, PMS, HRM and ISM, that will assist them in their daily management operations.

The Planned Maintenance System (PMS) will help Engineers to follow their preventive maintenance and perserve the value of the yachts. Thank to applications allowing creation of equipment lists, control the yacht inventories and spare parts, and the generation of purchase orders and work reports.

DEEP Blue Core Module keeps all Users under control with unlimited custom access permissions.

It classifies documents and keeps track of the Expiry dates, creates guest lists and shares events through the calendar with crew members, managers and yacht owners.

The fleet has nearly 350 crew members. If we only look at their Crew certificates, licenses and endorsements, we are talking about 3,500+ documents with expiry dates.

HRM Module helps Captains and Crew members to comply with the international seafarer employment regulations by controlling the working schedules & rest periods. Rotations, leave requests and Watch planning can also be tracked through a dedicated HR calendar.

ISM Module communicates the most recent records, missing acknowledgements when new procedure revisions have been released and opened reports.

All procedures, Checklists, Permit to Work can be upload in DEEP Blue; electronic encoded Reports to ensure efficient workflow between the yacht & DPA’s ashore to comply with international Ship and Port Facility Security Procedures.

"It is always a challenge when it comes to changing work methods. It was very important to understand the needs of each yacht by taking into account the methods used in the past. We worked with the management team to standardize most of the document structures, such as the approval processes for quotes and invoices. Version 3.20 will include several developments initiated by Amiri Yachts and which will benefit users involved in the management of Mega Yachts. “

Gregoire HARDISales & Client Support Manager

After this first training; over 50 crew members including Captains, Chief Engineers and Pursers are ready to operate their yachts in best conditions.

Thank you Amiri for trusting in DEEP Blue Soft and let the summer begin!