DEEP Blue Studio presents the V3. 20 Version with new features to boost all yacht management departments

DEEP Blue Studio presents the V3. 20 Version with new features to boost all yacht management departments.

The deep review undertaken on the “Group Level”, lead to an upgrade of its logic, enabling now the organization of the crew by hierarchy. These hierarchy levels allow HOD’s (Head of Department) to manage and overview other crew members of the same department.

In SETTINGS, yachts not using the “Rest Days System” have the possibility to de-activate the “Rest days counter”. Therefore, if a Crew declares that he/she worked on a day that was defined as a possible “Non working day”, then no credits of Days of Rest will be given.

In CORE module, a text box for Crew Contact history has been added to keep record of all the modifications done on the contractual conditions over the years (pay raise, modification of leave days matured/month, etc).

Staff and Officers with a hierarchy level of 200 and above can delete Crew Members. However, they will receive a strong warning message before to avoid any mistake.

In HRM module, DEEP Blue can now track separately the Study – Training Leave days , which are not discounted from “Annual Leaves”.

The payrolls will not show the “Rest Days at Credit + Rest Days matured + Rest Days remaining at Credit” anymore if the yacht does not activate them in settings.

On the other hand, in the payroll, the “Travel Days” now appear to enable the tracking of the total travel days in the month and two additional fields has been added in it for custom entries.

HRM Calendar shows all the leave days categories.

FINANCE module now sorts all the accounting entries first “by date” and then by “unique accounting code”.

The “Owner approval” checkbox added in DEEP Blue v3.12 has been optimized. Also, now, the user can see the “remaining budget” tab regardless of its Access to budget in User Access Permissions Settings.

In PMS module new value units have been added in the Electronic Logbook (Time- seconds, Pressure-mili Bar, Electric usage-kWh, Parts per million-ppm).

The visibility of the Yacht Calendar has been improved, now it is possible to show 3 months. In addition, it is possible to duplicate the Charter Calendar to Yacht Calendar.

ISM module allows to add a document in pre-filled with pre-selection made in the structure, avoiding the need to re-define where the Procedure must go.