Grégoire Hardi explains how DEEP Blue Soft could be a powerful tool that allows a transparent Human Resources Management.

Grégoire Hardi, our Sales Manager & Client Support, was featured in the ONBOARD Magazine Autumn ’19, to explain how DEEP Blue Soft could be a powerful tool that allows a transparent Human Resources Management.

Since the release of DEEP Blue Soft in 2013, the development team has been working closely not only with captains, chief engineers, pursers, yacht managers and financial directors, but also with human resources managers, in order to bring a robust industry-specific software solution that perfectly meets the requirements of the evolving industry.

In 2006, the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) was created and became mandatory for all commercial vessels that are 500 GT (gross tonnage) or larger. However, even small vessels must prove that they are compliant with seafarers regulations. The MLC established minimum requirements for all aspect of working conditions for seafarers such as: hours of work and rest, food, accommodation, health protection, medical care and much more.

In the last years, “The Maritime Labour Convention – MLC” has begun to exert pressure on the players in the yachting industry, on it’s intend to make operators and ship owners comply with all standards to secure all seafarers with the right of decent employment. For this reason, captains and crew members are obliged to be aware and able to fulfil all requirements, operating within the legal frameworks.

In this context, among all the modules available in DEEP Blue Soft, the HRM module results to be one of the most used by our users. No matter the size of the yacht or the number of crew members, this module allows crew data to be easily collected with high precision and automatically compute individual reports, alarms for crew certificate expiration dates in real time, payslips and much more.

Furthermore, this module allows officers to keep a close control to the hours of work, hours of rest, leave days matured, leave days taken and leave days at credit, complying with the following regulations.

Reg 2.3:

1) The maximum hours of work shall not exceed 14 hours in any 24-hour period and 72 hours in any 7-day period.


2) The minimum hours of rest should not be less than 10 hours in any 24-hour period and 77 hours in any 7-day period.

The DEEP Blue HRM module is flexible, allowing the activation of the strict MLC rules or the possibility to operate the yacht with custom rules. Seafarer contracts can be activated under different standards including rotation contracts and yacht safe manning rules for differing flag rules.

Grégoire HARDISales & Support Manager

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