A year for more trainings and huge upgrades

Throughout this exceptional year living with the Corona Virus, DEEP Blue has taken the opportunity to provide online training sessions and additional support to Captains, Officers, Pursers, Chief Stews and Yacht Managers.

We are delighted to see that our Users have taken advantage of this unpredictable period to increase their knowledge about different functionalities on modules such as HRM, Finance, PMS and ISM, looking forward to becoming advanced users.

At the same time, our DEEP Blue Studio continued to work on a significant upgrade, based on the valuable feedback of our Clients. This upgrade launched in July, following our primary goal, to always provide the most comprehensive up to date software in the industry.

It is rewarding to notice months later that our Users are happy with the new features:

Your feedback is valuable!

Due to the pandemic, most Yachting events where we normally get to meet with Clients have been cancelled. We would like to take the opportunity to carry out a small survey to learn about your experience using DEEP Blue so we can continue to find ways to keep improving our services.

If you have some minutes, please take part in our survey by answering a few short questions.

Your DEEP Blue Team