To answer the growing demands of mega yachts, DEEP Blue invested 6 months of development to release a new technology and to re-design  the interface, with the objective to optimize the management of inventories.

Spare parts, uniforms, crockery, glassware, toiletries, linens, towels, owner’s supplies, and artwork, the list of yacht inventory items quickly grows whatever the yacht size. Inventory is a crucial determinant of how well-equipped a yacht is, and makes an integral part of the yacht value and therefore, the value of the Owner’s Asset.

Tracking the inventory levels, making store checks, finding items by location, generating RFQ’s for purchase orders, or following orders and deliveries are just some of the basic tasks that lead to professional inventory management.

Crew members who are in charge of managing large and expensive inventories may be using exhausting excel spreadsheets and paper records, making the administration endless and in many cases inaccurate.

New technologies make those manual systems no longer sustainable in 2020. Digital solutions have an increasing role in facilitating the management of yacht inventories ensuring accuracy, efficiency and help the crew save an enormous amount of time on this never-ending process.

To date, DEEP Blue has been enabling its users to administrate interior and deck inventory and spare parts through the PMS module.  However, after taking into consideration its relevance on yacht operations, DEEP Blue decided to invest six months in interface design and in the development of new technology to boost the management of inventories.

The next DEEP Blue upgrade V3.60 to be released before the end of the year will disintegrate this function from the PMS module, and in exchange, offer a separate and dedicated Module under the name INV.

The brand-new Inventory module will cover all aspects of inventories in a revolutionary interface 100% compatible with mobile devices, that will include additional tools and modern functionalities, such as QR codes/barcodes, labelling. This new interface will then be deployed in other modules for future releases, starting with PMS.

Stay tuned to learn the date of our next big release and to find more about the new functionalities coming!