We are pleased to announce that in the next few days our studio will be updating all DEEP Blue client servers to the latest V3.60.

Recognising that a considerable part of inventory is under the responsibility of the interior manager, for this new version, Inventory has been moved from PMS and made into a stand-alone module.

The brand-new Inventory module has been built on a modern technology (100% mobile compatible) and features a totally new interface with enhanced options and standardized procedures.

Furthermore, all saved shortcut links can be now accessed from any location in DEEP Blue. It is no longer necessary to navigate back to the dashboard.

On Finance module, it is now possible to hide account balances and incomes on bank accounts assigned to the yacht. When hidden, the user will no longer see the account balances or incomes  on any accounts assigned to the vessel, but will still be able to follow all expenses and payment status for all pending quotes and invoices.

Regarding the reporting display, users have now the option to select the Remaining Budget View or continue to use Variance Budget View.

  • Remaining Budget displays the amount and percentage remaining in the budget.
  • Variance Budget View displays the amount and percentage of the consumed budget.

On HRM module, there are two new leave types for Quarantine. The Quarantine (accrue) will not be deducted from the annual leave and the crew member will continue to accrue leave during the absence.  Quarantine (no accrue) will not be deducted from annual leave but the crew  member will not continue to accrue leave during the absence.

In payroll, Per Diem is now a fixed item line.

When the crew are paid a Per Diem, the rate can be entered in the Financial Tab of the crew profile. This rate will be automatically populated In the payroll, and the purser or captain updating the payroll will only need to enter the number of days. DEEP Blue automatically calculates the Per Diem value to be added to crew salary.

Please click below to download and read in detail the full DEEP Blue Release Note V3.60 .