We are very proud to announce that DEEP Blue signed the She of the Sea pledge, joining the group of companies seeking to achieve a more inclusive and diverse yachting industry.

What is She of the Sea, and how was it created?

She of the Sea is an organization that aims to see the yachting industry at its best, moving out from past outdated status quo and instead envisioning a high-performing, competency focused industry, regardless the gender, race, religion, nationality and many other factors.

She of the Sea was initially created by Jenny Matthews, Officer of the Watch, who sought to connect and build a community with other women in deck and engineering roles. One year later, Co-Founder Natasha Ambrose, Chief Mate 3 000 GT, joined She of the Sea. Since then, both decided to dedicate more time to the initiative, evolving from the original gender to diversity, innovation and sustainability.

Following the increasing support from organizations and crew at all levels, they launched the Diversity and Inclusion Pledge in February 2020 at the Superyacht Investor Conference. This initiative commits She of the Sea and all players in the yachting industry who share the same values and vision to cultivate equality, realize potential and celebrate diversity. All valuable data provided by the Pledge Signatories enables measuring of the impact of strategies applied, discovering insights, and overcoming challenges to create a systematic change.

DEEP Blue has always believed in and supported gender equality within the industry, which is why we have sought to build a talented team comprised of diverse individuals. We wanted to sign the diversity and inclusion pledge because we share She of the Sea’s vision and values. We are delighted to be part of companies that are driving change, helping the industry evolve positively to be high performant and competency-focused, regardless the gender, race and other factors.”

DEEP Blue Team

We encourage all yachting professionals and organizations to join us on this inspiring and promising cause!

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