"Having considered all the vessel management software available on the market, we decided on DEEP Blue as the company really seemed to be making an effort to engage the yacht industry. The software is user friendly, the company listens to it’s customers and acts on feedback. Regular updates roll out new refinements and it’s great to see this happening with each update providing further improvements.

We like that we have a great piece of software which can fulfil a number of tasks, instead of a different piece of software for each activity. Every crew member has their log in and are encouraged to use the software meaning less time is taken up of the senior staff doing basic tasks. The office ashore have their log in and are able to access any information on the system themselves as and when needed. Good to see a company doing such a great job in this space, I look forward to seeing how this software will develop further. I imagine it will quickly become an industry standard platform.”

Captain, Richard Pierce

"Our new build project has recently subscribed to DEEP Blue Software, having been impressed by its functionality during not only the demonstrations, but also how agreeable they are to listen to our particular requirements. They respond to them by either custom software development or to simply take the time to further explain the system’s operational capabilities, to show that it can meet our particular needs. Their seemingly instantaneous response time to our queries and constant practice of improving their system is not only very welcome, but also extremely impressive in this ever changing industry. I am looking forward to a long-lasting working relationship as we move through the build phase and into a large operational yacht”

Captain, Neal ROCHE

"I have been using DEEP Blue for over a year now, and I am pleased with all it offers. The software is used by all departments: Engineers, Officers, Captain and Interior Crew. It is efficient and user-friendly. It helps all departments with inventories, manuals, hours of rest, accounting and all documentation. It offers an excellent and personalised support service and allows you to tailor everything to your boat. I had the pleasure to work with Nicole and have her guide me through all of the features. She is wonderful, and I couldn’t recommend her and the software enough."

Purser, Sladjana DAKOVIC

"DEEP Blue is for me an indispensable software for the smooth running of a yacht. For the management of the crew, documents, finances, etc...I wouldn't be able to do anything without it. Thank you!"

Captain, Nicolas BERTHREU

"The software is very friendly to use and very helpful for the management of the yacht. Finance, planned maintenance, hours of work & rest, log books, crew and passenger list, ISM, charter, inventory...every aspect are covered by DEEP Blue.
The team never stop working on ameliorate and updating the system. Once you are used to use it you will never stop."

Captain, Pierre MAKDESSI

"This is a great software package that just keeps on getting better with excellent revisions and training to back it up. I would choose this product over the competition as it is more user friendly and intuitive."

Captain, Russell POTTER

"The first thing to catch my interest was the fact that, for once, we could have one unique software to cover all major needs of our yacht. It can compute daily accounting and issue financial reports, follow the validity of the yacht’s documents and crew certificates, issue guest and crew lists under the right IMO format, support us in complying with the Maritime Labour Convention, allow our chief engineer to follow engine maintenance and log books and even organize our charter bookings and compute complex charter accounting."

Managing Director, Anthony GRADWELL

"We identified DEEP Blue as offering the most intuitive and accessible yacht management tool on the market. They respond quickly and efficiently, and have worked with us to produce our own fleet wide system, including ISM reports and documents, that is appreciated by Captain’s, Owner’s teams, Crew and Managers.
Having all the players working off the same information in real time, whilst cutting out endless emails, is vital in yachting today."

Deputy Director, Timon FISHER

"I am very happy with DEEP Blue system, it is very easy to use and also very simple to set up, especially for the engineer side for Planned Maintenance, Electronic Logbook, Spare Parts... It’s also very easy for the HRM part which allow to deal with hours of rest & holidays requests through DEEP Blue.
I worked with Amos, Idea, Infoship Triton before, but DEEP Blue is the easier one to use and it’s a complete system for a whole Yacht Management."

Chief Engineer, Marco FRANZINI