Frequently Asked Questions

What defines the price of DEEP Blue?

The price of DEEP Blue depends on the package the yacht or management company will choose to activate. We propose a variety of modules and services. The cost of the license and the associated services will therefore depend on the package selected by the client.

What size of vessel typically adopts DEEP Blue?

DEEP Blue is currently installed on yachts from 25m to over 100m.  DEEP Blue is designed for vessels of all sizes, knowing that they all have similar needs when it comes to daily operations and management. Its user-friendly and customizable interface in a multi-functionality integrated platform makes it the ideal system for every yacht, no matter the size.

If the yacht was working with another system, will it be possible and easy to import data?

Yes, our development studio is working every day on data imports for our clients, whether the data comes from other planned maintenance systems or professional financial software. We do also import large scale inventories built-in XLS or on other systems.

Can I acquire just some of the modules?

Yes, DEEP Blue is modular software. Clients can choose the modules they want now with the possibility to activate additional modules and services later if required.  After we provide an online demo, we can suggest to the client the right combination that precisely suits their needs.

Which is DEEP Blue’s most popular module?

Finance and Human Resources Management (HRM) are two of the most popular modules.

The Finance module was designed as a professional analytical accounting software where the authorized crew can enter daily expenses attaching receipts and invoices; obtaining approvals from management/owner representative in real-time within the same secured interface.

Managers can edit a large variety of detailed financial reports and monitor the yachts budget by category of expense.

The HRM module provides a simple solution for captains, pursers, crew and managers to comply with complex labour laws and international standards ruling seafarers working conditions. Each crew member can access their working schedule, declare hours of work/rest, post leave requests, obtain approvals, and access the full detailed history of their time onboard, including payslips.

HR Managers can obtain all mandatory data required by the crew to generate payroll and organize the payment of crew salaries every month.

Why is the CORE module included in all packages?

The CORE module is the backbone of the system. This module enables stores all user profiles (crew, management, owner, etc.) and manages access permissions to define “who can see what” and “who can do what”. It houses the vital documentation for crew, for the yacht as well as the technical documentation for all equipment onboard.

It does precise tracking of document expiration dates and alerts appear on the dashboard to quickly draw your attention to missing and soon to expire documents. It also provides a ship to shore shared calendar to track all yacht and crew events.

Does the number of users influence the price?

No, DEEP Blue license enables an unlimited number of users to connect simultaneously from any device without any additional cost.

Do all the users have the same access permission to all data?

No, access permissions are customizable, ensuring that sensitive data can be accessed only by those users who have the proper authority and position.

Is training included in the price?

Yes, these training services are all included in the subscription fee. Priority is given to the complete and continuous training of all DEEP Blue users to ensure that our clients get the best value of our Management Software. Within the subscription to our services, we provide all our clients with a solid start-up training program mainly dedicated to officers and HOD’s as well as managers. Clients can then request additional training on-demand through online sessions with DEEP Blye Team. We also provide 7/7 online support answering questions through emails and phone calls.

Do I have to pay for each upgrade?

No, all updates and upgrades are included in the subscription fee.

DEEP Blue continuously develops and improves its system framework and features thanks to the continuous feedback received from its clients and users. When a new version is ready, all our clients’ servers are updated at the same time, so they all run on the latest version and all benefit from the best of DEEP Blue.

Can I work without internet?

Yes, with the installation of an onboard server and the activation of DEEP Blue SYNC license, all crew onboard can work every day off-line on the Local Server without the need to have an internet connection.

Whenever an internet connection is available through the VSAT/4G, the onboard server data will automatically synchronize with the master server ashore.

Does DEEP Blue need to be installed on my computer?

No, the client’s DEEP Blue license is hosted on secured servers. All authorized users can access, from any device, the encrypted data through a web-browser with a username and password. No software installation is required.

Who owns the data entered on the software?

The client’s DEEP Blue License runs on dedicated secured servers hosted at a professional ISP where the highest security measures are provided. The yacht’s data belongs to the vessel (shipowners company who purchased the license), and the data is accessible as long as the client subscribes to the Subscription Services.

Does DEEP Blue offer custom services?

Yes, on request, we provide additional services such as database import or custom server settings. For yachts under construction or already in operation, DEEP Blue team can custom design the yacht PMS module, create all planned maintenance tasks from equipment manuals and bulk-import all of the shipyard’s technical documentation, drawings and certificates. Thousands of documents can be quickly imported into DEEP Blue and organized as per the shipyard’s build group numbering to deliver a turn-key PMS module.

How does DEEP Blue differ itself from competitors?

In comparison to our competitors that may cover only one corner of yacht management, like PMS or Finance, DEEP Blue is a full-service yacht management solution. Our software covers all yacht operations in one unique, fully integrated user-friendly and customizable interface.

Our system gives the flexibility to run online and off-line from any computer or mobile device. Our services include hosting on secured servers, daily back-ups, software maintenance, automatic upgrades, technical assistance 7/7 and unlimited training sessions for managers, officers and HOD’s.