Yacht management software frequently asked questions

What does yacht management software cost?

It depends, because there are many options that can be included in a price. Most software packages start with a basic price and as modules are added the price will be adjusted. Others offer packages that includes updates, training, support and much more.

Does a yacht really need a yacht management software?

Yes, the industry is changing fast. Yachts have become sophisticated businesses with a lot of legal and financial regulations. Captains need support to operate a yacht efficiently, profitably and safely.

How long does it take to learn the software?

The software comes with customer support from the manufacturer for training – we offer this as an incentive to purchase and this should always be high on the agenda when looking for a software.

How secure is the information that is stored?

There are a number of measures in place to ensure that all documentation and details are stored in a safe and secure manner. Our software will have an enterprise level encryption included in its services, similar to those used by banks

Who will own the data put on the software?

This depends on the contract you have in place. Make sure that any contract stipulates that you own your data and the company you use must give you the most recent data collected if the contract was to end. With DEEP Blue, you own your data.

What about DEEP Blue?

Does DEEP Blue software needs to be installed on my computer?

DEEP Blue is a web-based software that does not require any installation on the users hard drive. The site is hosted on secure servers.

Can I work without Internet?

The DEEP Blue Sync solution allows access to the server using the yachts local network. We configure an Apple Mac mini computer to automatically synchronize information between the yacht and shore servers when a sufficient internet connection is available.

Does the number of users influence the price?

No it doesn’t, we guarantee an unlimited number of users per DEEP Blue license. However, the price may depend on the additional modules or extra services offered.

How long does it take to get started with DEEP Blue?

No more than a few weeks. This may depend on the number of people involved, the availability of crews or the amount of information to be taken into account. For a yacht with 10 – 20 crew members, one month is sufficient if used daily.

Is training included?

As learning is essential in the proper use of a new tool, we guarantee online training at no extra cost. Each license includes 12 months of services renewable annually.

Can I test the software for a while?

Yes of course, just complete the contact form by filling in the required fields to obtain a test server in less than 24 hours. An e-mail will be sent to you with your access details and invite you to make an appointment for a “first-hand” demonstration.

Who owns the hosted data?

The data hosted on the encrypted servers belongs to the entity purchasing the DEEP Blue license. Under no circumstances and in no way does DEEP Blue Soft have the right to use or resell its customers’ information.