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We provide a turn-key solution for new builds and operational yachts, to populate DEEP Blue PMS module with Equipment List and related Planned Maintenance program.

Full PMS implies delivering a geo-located Equipment List, related to the OEM Manuals, the shipyard documentation and the related recurring Tasks.

Whenever possible, we use the shipyard’s Build Group Numbering to organize the data, consistent with the yard’ deliverable.Where this is not available, we use a proven DEEP Blue numbering system.

In both cases, we use a standard naming convention for the Planned Maintenance Schedules. We derive the PMS from the Manufacturer’s Manuals, and use Best Practice, experience and a close dialogue with Heads of Department to optimize the yacht PMS module.

By working with your Heads of Department, we can fully understand the yacht on-board operations, and tailor the PMS to the yacht and its crew.

  • Equipment List for the categories below
    • Main Technical Equipment & Systems
    • Nav-Comms and AVIT Equipment & Systems
    • Deck and Safety Equipment & Installations
    • Interior & Galley
    •  Owner Supply Items
  • OEM Documentation (named and saved and linked to the relevant)
  • Supplier / Manufacturer names
  • Locations on board (in format Deck\Room\Rack\Box and as per Fire Plan naming)
  • Spare Parts (if Option No. 1 is selected)
  • Calendar and Hours-Based Maintenance
  • Running Hours & Running Parameter Logs
  • Safety and General Operational Check Lists
  • Critical Equipment identified, as defined by CSO/DPA

To achieve our deliverables, we request source material and cooperation with the yacht crew and/or the shipyard for the following:

  • Shipyard Build Group Number system
  •  The Specification
  • System Drawings
  • OEM Documentation
  • GA/Fire Plan
  • Proofing of PMS Schedules by Heads of Department
  • ISM/SMS structure and content