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In software development, Exporting / Importing a Data Base is never a « one click job », it can be simple or very complexe.
With 25 years history in Software developments our Studio has developed very efficient import techniques.

  1. Check data base integrity
  2. Clean the data base
  3. Built arrival structures in Deep Blue
  4. Develop a custom script
  5. Import data base into Deep Blue
  6. Review new data base
  • Imports of Crew lists
  • Set up / import of Charts of accounts
  • Import Yacht early budgets
  • Design / Built the PMS Structure with Chief Engineers and Officers
  • Custom views / Custom Reports in Finance
  • Import of Spare Parts & Inventories

Here are the Input, the Actions and the Output that will result in a populated DEEP Blue database for the Crew and the Management to fully operate the Yacht for what concerns the Planned Maintenance program for all systems onboard.

INPUTS: The client will provide:

PDF documents for the installed equipment on board (“Equipment List”)

System diagrams to help understand systemic maintenance requirements

Feedback on questions about the vessel’s equipment, location and functionality


DEEP Blue will provide a Portal into which to upload all relevant documents

DEEP Blue will extract PMS from all Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) manuals

The client (Chief Engineer, Chief Officer) will review the MMS

The client will provide details of any on-board recurring drills and maintenance procedures

The client will assist to define how to rationalise PMS for the numerous small items PMS


Upload to DEEP Blue documentation library

Populate DEEP Blue PMS module with the PMS schedules that derive from the MMS

Enter the Due Date and Due Hours based upon the operational conditions on board

Provide PMS for the recurring ISM-related tasks, as required – reminders for monthly reporting, drills and forms

Here is the equipment information that can be imported in DEEP Blue system.

  • BGN (Builder Group number)
  • System Description
  • Quantity on Board
  • Make / Supplier
  • Remarks
  • Identification (Critical, Reportable)
  • Serial n°
  • Equipment / System Pictures
  • Location of Items + (“Room code”)
  • Warranty end dates
  • Survey n°
  • Year of completion