Control Yacht Operations with your user customised Dashboard.

Users can connect to their DEEP Blue dedicated server from any device connected to the internet or onboard server.

To work offline, please refer to DEEP Blue Sync.


Give custom access to the Yacht server to an unlimited number of Users based on their positions and permissions.

Every DEEP Blue subscription includes an unlimited number of Users including Crew, Management and Owners Representatives.

There is the possibility to create custom positions and define specific access permissions based on the Users duties. DEEP Blue Fleet managers can deploy standardised settings to an entire fleet of Yachts.

Control validity dates of certificates for Yacht and Crew, with the ability to control warnings for safe manning.

Classify documents under International Standards and file in the customised document structure.

Passports and Visas
ENG 1 – Medical Fitness
STCW Certificates
Statutory Yacht Documents

Save time on Crew and Guest Lists.

  • Manage Crew and Guest Profiles
  • Quickly generate IMO format Crew and Guests Lists
  • Captains and Officers can digitally sign the Lists before sending to Authorities


Track events in a calendar shared with Crew, Management and Owner.

• Track Yacht if Yacht is at Sea, Port or Shipyard
• Add Charter Program
• Add Custom Events