Yacht operations under control with user custom Dashboard.

Users can connect to their DEEP Blue dedicated server from any device connected to internet.

To work off-line, please refer to DEEP Blue Sync.


Give custom access to unlimited users to the Yacht Server based on users’ position and permissions.

Every DEEP Blue subscription includes unlimited number of users (Captain, Chief Engineer, Manager, Accountant…). Possibility to create custom positions (Deckhand Engineer, Shoreside Purser…) and define specific access permissions depending on User’s duties.  DEEP Blue Fleet users can deploy same settings to the entire yacht fleet.

Upload 100’s of documents for Crew & Yacht certificates.

Control validity dates of documents for Crew & Yacht certificates with pre-warnings Control respect of safe manning.

  • Passports
  • Medical Fitness
  • STCW Certificates
  • CoC’s
  • Licence

Classify all Crew & Yacht documents under International Standards.

  • Easy way to build structures for Yacht / Crew / Technical documents & certificates
  • Customisation can be done by users without the need of DEEP Blue Support team

Save time on Crew / Guest lists

  • Edit IMO Crew & Guest Lists PDF format in 1 click
  • Define trip’s details and which crew members are on duty
  • Possibility to electronically sign Crew / Guest lists and simply export to comply with International Maritime Organization format

Edit events in a shared calendar with Crew members, Management and Owner.

  • Edit Custom events, Ship status (at See, at Port, at Shipyard)
  • Inform crew member about the Yacht cruising program
  • Keep history of yacht events
  • Smooth communication between the board & the management office