A unique e-ISM to comply with International Ship and Port Facility Security procedures.

Developed for commercial vessels >500GT with the contribution of senior DPAs and Captains from the Yachting and Shipping industries, this module provides a complete solution to comply with ISM standards.


A dedicated ISM Dashboard to be noticed about most recent records, missing acknowledgements in case of new procedure revisions and opened ISM reports.

Captains & Officers will be notified when New SMS Procedures are published and require acknowledgement. 

A recap of Last Published Revisions is displayed on DEEP Blue ISM Dashboard.

Users are notified when action is required within ISM Reports workflow. It ensure an efficient communication between the yacht and DPA’s ashore.

Others informations such as “Last Records” or “ISM expired documents” are displayed on the ISM Dashboard.

Procedures & Records structures can be customised according to ISM companies.

Users can easily define detailed Structures for ISM Documents in the ISM Module (settings) and apply the structure to the Fleet.

Users have the possibility to ask for revisions directly from DEEP Blue, to DPA’s and managers.

  • Procedure revisions can be updated using “New revision”, Captains & Officers will be notified on their ISM Dashboard.
  • Keep records of Revisions History. 
  • Optimum transparency with DEEP Blue logs.

7 ISM Integrated Report Forms

  1. Incident Report
  2. Defect Report
  3. Non-Conformity / Observation Report
  4. Master Monthly Report
  5. Chief Engineer Monthly Report
  6. On-board Safety & Security Meeting minutes
  7. Master Annual Review of SMS